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Renai Shijou Shugi

Renai Shijou Shugi Cover Image
3.174 out of 5 from 230 votes
Rank #5,400


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Kanan MINAMI Artist
Kanan MINAMI Author

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Emeneska rated the Renai Shijou Shugi manga 3.5/5 stars
Emeneska read Renai Shijou Shugi at 8 of 8 volumes
bel337 read Renai Shijou Shugi at 8 of 8 volumes
mgeers353 stalled Renai Shijou Shugi manga at 32 of 41 chapters
mgeers353 stalled Renai Shijou Shugi

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Kapo~n (>_<)!

Kapo~n (>_<)!

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Both kind of reminded me of each other because of he main charaters were "childhood friends" and the main girl became obsesed with beating the main guy. But both seem to find love in all that hate for each other. Oh and if you like strong, cocky, saracastic male leads well these are the manga for you ~