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  • Akihabara Fall in Love
  • Best Ending?
  • Boku no Ano Ko
  • Bukiyou Dakedo Daisuki sa
  • Abarenbou Kareshi

My favorite yaoi mangas by AoiNomura

Hot dudes. Hot action. Are you a fujoshi? Then maybe check out this list? :p Most of them are completed after 1 or 2 volumes. [explicit sex scenes, don't read if it's too much for you haha]

  • Abarenbou Kareshi
  • A Bloody Kiss Tonight
  • 110-Ban wa Uketsukemasen!
  • 100 Blossoms To Love
  • 24 Jikan Eigyouchuu

♔ Yaoi / Shounen-ai / BL manga ♔ by Juvith

List of Yaoi, Shounen-ai and BL mangas I'm currently reading, read and want to read. All mangas are in alphabetical order, and I'll update this list permanently.

  • Bakuman
  • Fullmetal Alchemist
  • Seven Days
  • Bleach
  • Death Note

The Best of The Best by Sachi

The manga that have gone above and beyond. All are five-star material.

  • Fruits Basket
  • Death Note
  • A Silent Voice
  • Flower in a Storm
  • Hana-Kimi: For You in Full Blossom

My Top 25 Favourite Manga Series by redshipper

Hey, this is my personal list of favourites, note that they're all completed. They're not in any particular order and these are the ones that I remember really enjoying (as in... I can still remember...