Alt title: Rabbit Doubt

Vol: 4; Ch: 20
4.061 of 5 from 2,318 votes
Rank #1,624
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Rabbit Doubt is a popular new mystery game in which a ‘wolf' kills off each of a group of ‘rabbits' one by one. If the rabbits determine the identity of the wolf, they win the game; but if they suspect the wrong individual, the rabbits all die. Eiji, Rei, Mitsuki, Haruka, Yuu and Hajime are six friends who were meeting for the first time at a karaoke bar, but then, while separated, they lost consciousness and came to in a mysterious building - one of their bodies impaled on the wall. A real life game of Rabbit Doubt has begun. With paranoia and suspicion abounding, the survivors struggle to piece clues together before the Wolf picks them off one by one.

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corkboard's avatar by corkboard on May 3, 2013
Score 8/10

A classic take on the murderer in a locked room story.  This is fairly well executed and very well drawn.  There is some rushing at the end to wrap up the story and some of the inevitable "twists" are a little farfetched, but overall this is a very well told story.  The characters could have used some more development, but if you only care about the whodunit aspect of the story and not... read more

sourusophy's avatar by sourusophy on Sep 11, 2015
Score 7/10

1. Story You might say it's cliché, yeah... kind of. The characters are forced to play, shit happens, and even more shit happens. You won't get any epic battle of wits nor gameplay like in Epicmafia - they just run around and kill, not even searching for clues. I guessed the wolf from beginning since author is baiting you whole time, while trying to do some clown twists, but the ending is so... read more



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