Alt titles: Rabbit Doubt


detektivgirl's avatar By on Oct 4, 2009

i liked the manga. i couldn´t stop reading and was really surprised in the end.

the story begins calm and the reader get the feeling to know who could be the "wolf".

while the story is going on everyone suspect each other to be the murderer but one after another will be killed.

they can´t trust each other and it is just a matter of time when the next one could murdered.

for short moments the reader even will think the main charackter is the "wolf". if you like to be confused and want to think "who ele´se could be the murder" just read the manga.

i liked it even if i wish there would be another end of the story.....


9/10 story
10/10 art
10/10 characters
9/10 overall
nasreen10's avatar By on Aug 25, 2011

Story: The concept was interesting and if you like high stake games, then you probably like this. It does go by incredibly quickly and is hard to put down. I found myself finishing this in one sitting. There are some predictable moments but it's still interesting enough to contine reading and would make a nice re-read. There is quite a bit of violence but that is expected. Don't anticipate a happy ending though.

Art: The characters aren't particular memorable but were well drawn for the most part. Expressions were done sufficiently. The main points the art does get is for creating the atmosphere. The cover pages and the details really stand out.

Characters: The plot is good but the characters fell flat to me. I found myself thinking: "Seriously? That's why you decided to be the way you are and make the decisions you did?". I found myself irritated or just apathetic. I didn't care to much about them. This series is definitely more plot based but I do like seeing the interactions between the characters in order to cause confusion and suspicion.

Overall: Interesting, thrilling read with an unhappy ending. Not for the faint of heart.

7/10 story
7/10 art
5/10 characters
6.9/10 overall
Ulicia's avatar By on Apr 3, 2011

Because i'm just going to be ranting about the good/bad parts of this manga for the entire duration of the review beyond this point, I'll start with a recommendation.  I recommend this manga to anyone who isn't afraid of that shadow in their closet and/or are very sadistic. oh, or a normal person who likes horror and is alright with a TINNNNY bit of blood.  heheh.


Well, first of all i'd like to say that i absolutely ADOOORE these types of plots.  Like, where a bunch of strangers are in a room and get picked off one by one.  fantastic.

ok, off the creepiness for a sec....

I thought the artwork was alright...I mean, my standards of "good" are pretty much off the charts, so I guess i'm being a bit unfair.

Also, after around the second chapter, I kinda figured out that Rei was a bad guy.  i wasn't sure if she was the wolf or just the mastermind behind it all (which she was), but I was pretty sure she was going to be involved somehow with it.  honestly, whats the point in killing off one of the 6 main characters within the first chapters? it makes no sense.  and the hypnotism? dead giveaway.

Actually, the originality was pretty okay, but as i mentioned before, it was a little too predictable.  And the hypnotism thing was  it's just....too outrageous.  although I very much enjoy main characters dying in the end, I was partially hoping Yuu was gonna make it.  I do feel a little sorry for mitsuru, but overall, i think Yuu may be too nice for his own good.  shoulda let her die.


I'm a little upset that there was pretty much no character development.  not even for the main of the main characters, Yuu, or the wolf herself.  It would get the reader more into the story if they understood everyone's pain, but basically what the author did was kill off the character, THEN explain what they were all about.  who DOES that?  There are lots of "meh" parts, but I dont have the heart to give it below a 7/10 in anything.  im so biased with stories like these ;P

Well, the good part was that it was wonderfully creepy...the rabbit costumes, and the hanging (beheading was a nice touch LOL), and the blood that's seemingly everywhere, but goes unnoticed somehow.

8/10 story
7/10 art
8.5/10 characters
8/10 overall
NicoNicoDesu's avatar By on Oct 29, 2012

I am mildly depressed right now—I was (stupidly) working on my review without saving it or anything when I clicked the wrong button and lost it. I will try to forget that I am pretty mad right now and will try to create a coherent review.

Story: There’s a new game going around called “Rabbit Doubt.” It’s basically the same thing as the card game Mafia, except that a wolf replaces the mafia. The rabbits choose to hang one rabbit within their group. If the hanged rabbit is actually the wolf in disguise, they survive! If it’s just an innocent rabbit… yeah… “Dead-o End-o.” Aizawa Yuu gets drawn into a real-life version of Rabbit Doubt with his friends and a famous TV psychic and a stoic guy. Let the blood start flowing and the doubt start building!

When I first read this (which was before I loved the horror genre), I thought the premise was original. Ha. Ha. Ha. High-stakes games manga, while being awesome by default, tend to blend together. X manga is a lot like Y manga, which is a lot like Z.

Plus, there is one glaring flaw of the manga—it relies heavily on plot twists. This could be good, certainly, but it seems like each twist is more forced than the last. This leads up to the ridiculous ending, which is almost entertainingly stupid.

Art: I’m award that many people like “idealized” manga—pretty girls and cute boys. This manga is perfect for you guys. Not to say I’m different (I think we all know how much of a sucker for bishies I am), but it is a little unoriginal. I don’t need to find this manga to get that. Another point about the art is that it managed to find a nice “middle ground.” It isn’t “Battle Royale,” a series in which every bone, intestine and brain is shown in gory, explicit detail. On the other hand, it doesn’t shy away from blood. It also steers clear of any “Higurashi-” or “Ibitsu”-style torture scenes. If you want to read dark horror manga but are squeamish, this manga may float your boat.

Characters: This is a short read, so if you demand your manga has backstories and development, you should probably look elsewhere.

Characters: Boy in profile: Komaba Hajime; boy with black hair and jacket: Aikawa Yuu; blonde girl: Akechi Haruka; boy with silver hair: Hoshi Eiji; girl with rabbit head on lap: Hazama Rei; girl with brown hair: Houyama Mitsuki.

Komaba Hajime: He is not one of the initial main characters, but his importance increases as the series progresses. I’m going to try to compare him to Ootori Kyoya: He’s smart, wears glasses, is rather reserved, and is the voice of reason (kind of…). Fine, so he probably doesn’t run a host club, but that’s beside the point.

Aikawa Yuu: He is like any other shounen hero in that he tries to protect his friends while also saving everyone else. While he is a stock character (so is everyone else in this series), his perseverance is a little touching.

Akechi Haruka: I’m not going to lie—I really don’t care for her as a character. She’s manipulative, inconsiderate and one of those “I’m here because of my chest” characters. Due to her role, however, she is a necessary character. (Due to BOTH of her roles.)

Hoshi Eiji: He doesn’t appear that often, especially considering the fact that he is a main character. A rather generic bad boy, he separates himself from the rest of the entire leather jacket-wearing crowd by being mildly paranoid. He’s a little weird.

Hazama Rei: If you are like I was when I first read this manga, the beginning will surprise you. It’s not a big spoiler to say she dies before anything has a chance to happen. However, it IS a spoiler to continue, so I will stay mum.

Houyama Mitsuki: She’s the friend/love interest of our main character of all main characters, Aikawa Yuu. Her relationship with him doesn’t amount to much until way later in the series, and that is so abrupt it’s almost jarring. Other than that and a laughable plot twist, she is useless.

Overall: It’s as cliché and unoriginal as a series can get, but it’s fun. Well, except for the irritating female characters (*flips table*). Other than that, read expecting to be either kept on your toes or predicting every twist from a mile away, but don’t expect a quality work.

5.5/10 story
5.5/10 art
4.5/10 characters
5/10 overall
corkboard's avatar By on May 3, 2013

A classic take on the murderer in a locked room story.  This is fairly well executed and very well drawn.  There is some rushing at the end to wrap up the story and some of the inevitable "twists" are a little farfetched, but overall this is a very well told story.  The characters could have used some more development, but if you only care about the whodunit aspect of the story and not about any human qualities of the lambs being led to slaughter, then this is a great one to read.  I highly recommend it.

8/10 story
10/10 art
6/10 characters
8/10 overall