Alt titles: Rabbit Doubt

Vol: 4; Ch: 20
4.06 out of 5 from 1,865 votes
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Rabbit Doubt is a popular new mystery game in which a ‘wolf' kills off each of a group of ‘rabbits' one by one. If the rabbits determine the identity of the wolf, they win the game; but if they suspect the wrong individual, the rabbits all die. Eiji, Rei, Mitsuki, Haruka, Yuu and Hajime are six friends who were meeting for the first time at a karaoke bar, but then, while separated, they lost consciousness and came to in a mysterious building - one of their bodies impaled on the wall. A real life game of Rabbit Doubt has begun. With paranoia and suspicion abounding, the survivors struggle to piece clues together before the Wolf picks them off one by one.

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detektivgirl's avatar by detektivgirl on Oct 4, 2009
Score: 9/10

i liked the manga. i couldn´t stop reading and was really surprised in the end.the story begins calm and the reader get the feeling to know who could be the "wolf".while the story is going on everyone suspect each other to be the murderer but one after another will be killed.they can´t trust each other and it is just a matter of time when the next one could murdered.for short moments the... read more

isthisnametaken3's avatar by isthisnametaken3 on Oct 13, 2014
Score: 8/10

I very much enjoyed this manga, considering I like the more messed-up ones anyway.  The story had interesting twists and plots, however the characters occasionally bothered me - espescially the portrayal of all the girl characters as weak or scared all the time.   Tha artwork I loved, but oh my gosh it put my off white rabbits. The spookiness and psychological aspect of these mangas really made... read more



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