Queen Emeraldas

Vol: 4; Ch: 21
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Queen Emeraldas

In order to become a stronger person, a young boy named Hiroshi stows away on a freighter bound for planet Daibaran. The freighter comes under fire from an Afressian fleet, but is saved by the appearance of a mysterious spaceship. Upon reaching his destination, Hiroshi finds a job in one of the roughest saloons on the planet in order to toughen up, but ends up in an unfair fight when the Afressians begin to search for the one who attacked them. He is eventually rescued by a cloaked woman, who reveals herself to be Emeraldas, captain of the mysterious ship that saved him before. Stung by two defeats, the Afressian leader Bararuda decides that there is only room for one queen in space... but can a single ship piloted by one woman stand against the fury of a whole empire?

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Queen Emeraldas
  • OVA (4 eps)
  • 1998 - 1999



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