Pumpkin Scissors

Vol: 18+
2002 - ?
3.902 out of 5 from 86 votes
Rank #2,178
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Wars leech the life out of a country in so many ways.  They consume lives and resources at an incredible rate, but what is worst is the way they eat away at hope.  The Empire, which has survived the years of war, now finds itself with a new conflict to resolve: with the exception of the noble families that managed to hold their wealth during the struggle, its populace is made up of starving citizens and war-damaged soldiers.  Section III of the army of the Empire was created to deal with this ongoing problem; however, their progress was been slow on all fronts.  The citizens fear and distrust them due to their experiences with other soldiers, the nobles have no use for them, and the other branches of the military mock them for the ineffectual nature.  LT. Alice L. Malvin of Section III Pumpkin Scissors won't be defeated, though, even if her newest recruit does have something unusual about him.

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