Vol: 16; Ch: 145
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When high school student Ageha Yoshina finds a red calling card in an isolated, ringing pay phone, he believes he's merely stumbled upon the game 'Psyren', a curious urban legend. He initially intends to trade information about Psyren to the world's foremost fortune teller for a famous reward, but after his childhood friend Sakurako – who happened to possess one of the cards – disappears, Ageha rushes into the game's dangerous world to find him. Now trapped in a post-apocalyptic landscape and pursued by Psyren's deranged inhabitants, Ageha must fight to survive and unravel this world's mystery before the game takes his life.

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Madawk's avatar by Madawk on Dec 20, 2010
Score: 8.5/10

Usually, when something involves time travel facts, it's kinda hard to understand. But Psyren is not like that, at least in my point of view. Now about the mangaka. Toshiaki Iwashiro is currently working on two mangas, Mieru Hito and Psyren (just finished). I didn't find any other mangas by him, so I think that's it. And one curiosity, one of his pupils is the responsable of Beelzebub. Now about the... read more

Hevn's avatar by Hevn on Dec 15, 2011
Score: 9/10

Finished one of the best fantasy manga's i've read so far. First the story: If I look back at it now it's really a complicated story to explain, although it's rather easy to follow and understand. In some cases there are unnecessary characters and twists, but still it is not something that distracts you from the main "adventure". A timetraveling story that keeps changing the future and present... read more



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