Prison School

Alt title: Kangoku Gakuen

Vol: 22+; Ch: 236+
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Prison School

Hachimitsu Private Academy is anything but typical. With a female to male ratio of 200 to 1, the academy's five male students think they're in heaven – when really, they're about to enter hell! For after peeping on some of the busty, nubile ladies in the locker room, the gang is apprehended by the sadistic members of the Underground Student Council – a group determined to punish those who take part in illicit relationships on campus. Their punishment? To spend a month in prison on the school grounds, subject to the cruel whims of the club members! Now, the boys must pass the days performing mundane tasks and getting beaten by the dominatrix Meiko, all the while trying to view as many breasts and panties as possible!

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thor123's avatar by thor123 on Apr 13, 2015
Score 6.8/10

Last updated 3rd of December, 2016. Kangoku Gakuen, or in English Prison School is a manga known for the ecchi stuff, and was for me a surprisingly good manga. The story happens in a school that was up to last year an all-girls school. Now, for the first time, there are male students too. However, their numbers are overwhelmingly... low, with only 5 boys vs  over 1000 girls. When the boys are... read more

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