Pretty Face

Vol: 6; Ch: 52
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Rando Musashi is a tough guy, an obnoxious karate star, the school troublemaker and... the most popular girl in school?! Rando was riding the bus home one day when a sudden crash resulted in a horrible wreck. He was immediately taken to intensive care under plastic surgeon extraordinaire Dr. Manabe, who treated Rando's maimed face. Yet unfortunately Dr. Manabe mistook a picture of Rando's school crush for a picture of how Rando looked before the accident. Rando awakens from a coma a full year later to find that he now has the face of Rina Kurimi, much to his dismay! He rushes out of the clinic in terror, only to run into Rina herself, who mistakes Rando for her twin sister that ran away years ago. Now living at Rina's house, Rando is now forced to play the part of Yuna Kurimi while at the same time searching for the real Yuna and attending school. Even with the help of Dr. Manabe, Rando has his work cut out for him!

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bollier's avatar by bollier on Nov 28, 2010
Score: 8.5/10

When I first heard the premise of this series, I knew I had to read it.  Basically, you have your typical tough guy, who is secretly in love with a quiet girl.  He is involved in a bus accident, and the crazy doctor reconstructs his face to look like the picture he had in his pocket, the girl he had a crush on.  Said girl sees him before he can fix it, and mistakes him for her missing twin... read more



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