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Planetes Cover Image
4.432 out of 5 from 229 votes
Rank #218

User Stats - Stalled

Username Status Vols Ch Rating
Anticlimax Stalled     not rated
asinusecce Stalled     4.5 star rating
blueobsession2745 Stalled 2   not rated
BobThompkins Stalled 3   not rated
chamonaguy Stalled     not rated
crashstylez Stalled     not rated
DrKillpatient Stalled     not rated
Ekureiru Stalled 2   not rated
FlawedGenetics Stalled 1   not rated
gijoe250 Stalled     not rated
GravitySoul Stalled 4   4.5 star rating
Heatfan52 Stalled 1   not rated
HezaSan Stalled 1   not rated
Jhiday Stalled 2   3.5 star rating
kiriska Stalled 1   4 star rating
Mereck Stalled 1   4 star rating
micky2be Stalled 4   not rated
Samy46 Stalled     not rated
Sceleris Stalled 1   3.5 star rating
Shuichon Stalled 2   not rated
SilentAndY Stalled 1   not rated
skeletoast Stalled 2   not rated
SubutaiKhan Stalled     4 star rating
Tachibana Stalled 1   3 star rating
tanis12 Stalled 1   4 star rating
XIIIAelitaHeart Stalled 2   not rated
ZetaZaku Stalled 2   4.5 star rating