Alt title: Hi no Tori

Vol: 12
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"All things are born and all things die. That is the law of heaven." According to legend, the Bird of Fire called the Phoenix is the eternal spirit of life, death and rebirth. She oversees the cycle of reincarnation and the rising and falling of civilizations and species. Those who can obtain her blood will be granted eternal life, while to others she can grant infinite wisdom, or eternal suffering. Throughout history, from the dawn of civilization to the extinction of the human race, those human souls touched by the Phoenix have hunted her over and over in multiple reincarnations, and their actions in one life determine or reflect the sins and sufferings of other lifetimes.

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Yakoz92 Feb 9, 2017
Score 10/10

Phoenix is a 12-volumes masterpiece by the legend Tezuka. Each volume/book narrates a different story, but they're all related by characters or simply actions taken in previous volumes. Phoenix is like wine: it gets better with age. I know it's my opinion, but vol. 1 was already enough for me to consider it one of the best manga I've ever read. Also, let's not forget that this is the history of manga, as this... read more

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