Peach Girl

Vol: 18
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Peach Girl

With a noticeable tan and bleached hair, Momo Adachi is a high school student who is frequently misunderstood by her classmates. She's accused of being a playgirl and is the subject of many rumors, most of which originate from her ‘best friend' Sae who is jealous of Momo due to them having a crush on the same boy. Momo's life only gets worse when Kairi Okayasu, who she once saved from drowning, decides to make her his own. Kairi coming into Momo's life only encourages Sae to spread more rumors about Momo and Kairi while going after Toji herself, creating quite a complicated situation for everyone involved.

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LunarTriggerX's avatar
LunarTriggerX Oct 14, 2014
Score 7/10

Read this manga. [SPOILERS IN THE SECOND HALF] It's a good manga.  I can't tell you why it's good, because everything I try to say about the manga is a complaint, but that's life for you.  This manga actually does a good job at making you hate, frustrates you, annoys you, and makes you love too.  That's why I recommend this manga.  I've read many mangas, and enjoyed almost all of them, but... read more

HinaXAnyone's avatar
HinaXAnyone Jan 17, 2012
Score 5/10

If you like relationship drama, you have come to the right place. Get ready for one of the most craziest, frustrating, and infuriating tales of lies and deceit, all in the name of love. Story: Dear goodness. Just when you think Momo has faced and gotten past one trial of love, another pops up right in front of her. She can never seem to get it right. The story is DRIVEN by the lack of trust between characters... read more

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