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Pastel Cover Image
  • Vol: 35+; Ch: 156+
  • 2002 - ?
3.729 out of 5 from 300 votes
Rank #2,848


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Love Hina

Love Hina
  • Vol: 14; Ch: 118
  • 1998

Urashima Keitarou is a loser. He's failed the Tokyo University entrance exams two years in a row, and his parents have finally kicked him out of the house. Penniless and destitute, he travels to his grandmother Hinata's inn, hoping she'll put him up until he can get into Tokyo U and fulfill his promise with his childhood sweetheart (whose face he can't even remember). Unfortunately - or perhaps fortunately - it turns out that the inn is no longer an inn...  it's an all-girls dormitory, as he discovers in his typical blundering fashion by grabbing an eyeful and more of every girl in the place!  Narusegawa Naru, a fiery-tempered high school student and the first victim of Keitarou's lewd bungling, wastes no time doling out brutal punishment and preparing to kick him back out to the street.  But wait!  A letter has come from grandma Hinata, and Keitarou is to be the dorm's new live-in manager!  Is this a blessing from heaven, or has he been cursed to a living hell?

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Without the harem, Pastel and Love Hina seem very alike.  Two boys fall in love but sadly they can never seem to admit it to the girl.  Constantly put into awkward humorous situations and then getting hurt (also embarrassed) these two mangas are a great comedy and romance. In Love Hina, Keitarou, is surrounded by girls who encourage him to get with Naru.  In Pastel, Mugi is surrounded by a group of friends who once again, try to hook him up with Yuu.  Both main characters are pathetic and nerdy but never give up.  Give both a shot, a few chapters in and you'll be hooked.




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Its rather a given that Pastel and Parallel are similar because almost everything is the same.  I mean, Pastel parallels Parallel.  Parallel has the same story and the same characters (who are afraid to admit there love) but it was written earlier.  Pastel is the newer story and continues on with many more scenarios but instead to jumping right to being intimate like parallel did, Pastel drags it out quite a bit.  There both sister stories with the same mood and slice of life setting.  Both are incredible series and before you know it, you'll be cheering the couples on and waiting on edge for them to become more intimate.