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Paradise Kiss

Paradise Kiss Cover Image
4.231 out of 5 from 923 votes
Rank #763

User Stats - Reading

Username Status Vols Ch Rating
ratpacknorge Reading     3 star rating
Rhea Reading     not rated
rifraf Reading 1   4 star rating
RoseNatsumi Reading     not rated
SageMinto Reading     not rated
sajtkukac Reading 2   5 star rating
samo0204 Reading 4   not rated
Secchan Reading 3   5 star rating
shaina123 Reading 4   not rated
Sheeta Reading 1   not rated
skarux Reading 5   not rated
sneakyredlamp Reading 4   3.5 star rating
snickersuper Reading     not rated
Soraru Reading 2   3.5 star rating
starfish841 Reading 1   not rated
Sujiro Reading 1   not rated
superxsonic Reading     not rated
takethistoheart Reading 1   0.5 star rating
TheMadcapLaughs Reading 1   not rated
TobiasCamery Reading 3   not rated
Tranima Reading     not rated
trippettaa Reading     5 star rating
TsunayoshiSawada1 Reading 2   5 star rating
Twisty Reading 2   not rated
Ukaridark Reading 5   not rated
UruTigre Reading 5   5 star rating
vicotoriaq Reading 2   5 star rating
warlady Reading     not rated
Weverton Reading 1   not rated
WildTiger Reading 5   not rated
woundsthatbleed Reading     not rated
xCherry Reading 1   5 star rating
xgracie1406waciex Reading     not rated
xRavenWolfx Reading 2   not rated
xstitchx Reading 1   not rated
xxTAYLORxx Reading     not rated
XxVampireFreakxX Reading     4 star rating
Yibbet Reading   17 not rated
Yooshi Reading 4   5 star rating
yukayuka Reading 2   not rated
Zaraph Reading 4   4 star rating