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Open Sesame

Open Sesame Cover Image
  • Vol: 20; Ch: 94
  • 2001
3.837 out of 5 from 187 votes
Rank #2,401


Danjou Yamato used to be a regional boxing champ with plenty of friends and a childhood girlfriend - that is, until he was uprooted from his rural home and transplanted into the heart of Tokyo. What's worse, he discovers that his new high school was formerly just for girls, and they're used to having all the power! With only six other boys in the entire school, it's up to Danjou to inspire them to stick up for themselves and fight back. However, the leader of the girls, Migumi, seems to have a vendetta against Danjou. Could there be a history between them, or is she just out to get him?

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Kaoru KAWAKATA Artist
Kaoru KAWAKATA Author

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Open Sesame Nusakan 7/10 Sep 7, 2012
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Manga hate list Higanzakura 43 Jun 5, 2011
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Everaldo read Open Sesame at 20 of 20 volumes
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Yamato Akitsuki has recently moved to Tokyo, and in order to maintain his less than wealthy lifestyle, he currently works at his aunt's bathhouse. While walking by the school one evening he sees a girl by the name of Suzuka practicing the high jump, and is instantly in love. Even better is the realization that Suzuka lives next door! Determined to prove himself worthy of her affections, Yamato decides to join the school's track team and show her what he's got, but things won't be so easy; for Suzuka has a love interest of her own, and it isn't Yamato...

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Both of these manga feature similar male and female leads. A generally all-around good guy and a popular girl who is well mannered except when dealing with the guy. A slow growing relationship is the main plot development and both feature a smattering of sports thrown in.