Ookami-heika no Hanayome

Vol: 13+; Ch: 71+
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4.301 of 5 from 214 votes
Rank #677
Ookami-heika no Hanayome

Yuurin, the daughter of a low ranking government officer, came to the royal palace after hearing of a job with higher wages. However, that job is to act as the bride of Haku Reishou, who is feared as being the ruthless and heartless "His Majesty, the Wolf". In the royal palace where conspiracies swirl, after learning His Majesty's secret, Yuurin ends up stuck being his temporary bride...?!

Source: MU

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casandra29 Nov 24, 2015
Score 8.5/10

Even though Shojo Manga are not usually my cup of tea anymore. This manga still has me comming back to it when there are updates. There is nothing about the art that is extraordinary to the point that it would force me to continue to follow it. The art is definately not bad. I would just say that the art is like many shoujo manga's art. So it doesn't really stand out. What stands out about this series to me is... read more



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