Only Serious About You

Alt title: Sorenari ni Shinken nandesu.


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BL HERE I COME o(>ω<)oby sm3xyang3l

Record of all the yaoi manga I've ever read/reading huehue....

Best Yaoi Mangaby Nozomi98

This list isn't very big as I'm a bit particular, but that guarantees these are all GOOD. So please, if you haven't, read the ones I've chosen here! They are ordered best to last, but the further you go down, the harder it was for me to order them...

°♡-BL Manga Mountain-♡°by UsagiDandere

One of these days, this list will reach 666 and reflect my sins 😄😄 (that day was upon us sooner than expected) May we both enjoy my loose want-to-read mountain; tons of them haven't even been marked with any BL tags so they're not as easy to...

♔ Yaoi / Shounen-ai / BL manga ♔by Juvith

List of Yaoi, Shounen-ai and BL mangas I'm currently reading, read, want to read and stalled. All mangas are in alphabetical order. I'll update this list permanently, and I'll also add synopsis and tags for mangas which don't contain any.