One-Punch Man

Alt title: Wanpanman


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Top 10 Manga's I loveby AnimeFan103

About the manga's i enjoyed the most.

great comedyby hcstanton

i rarely laugh hysterically and all these manga had me doing so at least one point throughout my experience with them!

manga i absolutely LOVE!by hcstanton

manga ive read and fell in love!

OP (Manga/Manhwa/Manhua)by idle

I have read/am reading them.

favouritesby hcstanton

some of my favourite manga for many different reasons

My temporary manga TOP 5by Bagantz

This list is about the mangas I enjoyed the most. It is temporary just because I haven't read so many mangas so far, but I'm planning to read'em a lot more in the near future, so it will be modificated several times in the next months. For the...