Omae ga Sekai wo Kowashitai nara

Alt title: Vampire Girl

Vol: 3; Ch: 17
3.297 of 5 from 95 votes
Rank #6,445
Omae ga Sekai wo Kowashitai nara

Though she's never spoken to him, Wana Koizumi has a huge crush on a man that frequents the restaurant where she works – but little does the girl know that he's actually a vampire and is interested in her too, due to her resemblance to a woman he loved long ago. One fateful day, Wana is working at the restaurant as always when her parents decide to pick her up from work, for recently they have heard of disturbing murders that leave their victims drained of blood, and they are concerned for Wana's safety. However, on the way home they are involved in a fatal car accident that tragically kills them – that is, except for Wana, who wakes up on her crush's sofa covered in bandages and harboring a newfound thirst for blood...

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deideiblueeyez's avatar by deideiblueeyez on Jan 31, 2016
Score 5.5/10

This story has elicited many emotions within me, very few of them pleasant. I had attempted to read this story on three separate occasions but then dropped it before reaching the fourth or fifth chapter for a reason I could not express into words. It was something like frustration and envy rolled into one. Only after finally saying "You know what, I NEED to read this, just to get it out of the way... read more



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