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Old Boy

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In an old building, between floors seven and eight, a man has been incarcerated in a locked room for the last ten years. With no idea as to why he was taken in the first place, nor where he is, the man has spent the last decade alone with no contact to the outside world except for the television in the corner. One day, a group of men in dark suits burst into his cell and announce that his sentence is over before stuffing him in a suitcase and dumping him in a park. Free to do as he wishes, the man has just one thing on his mind: revenge against those who ruined his life. Now with the perfectly honed body and a festering anger gained from his time alone, he has become a lethal fighter hell bent on finding out exactly what the reason for his imprisonment was, the people behind it, and making them pay for it.

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Nobuaki MINEGISHI Artist
Garon TSUCHIYA Author

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Old Boy zackarith 8.5/10 Jan 8, 2014
Old Boy 4L3x 5/10 Nov 29, 2013
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25 Days of Manga cassiesheepgirl 4 Nov 22, 11
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KingIck rated the Old Boy manga 0.5/5 stars
acoree1998 rated the Old Boy manga 5/5 stars
acoree1998 read Old Boy at 8 of 8 volumes
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Susamu Nakoshi, a man disillusioned with life, meets Manabu Ito, a young medical student bored with life. To relieve his boredom Ito offers Nakoshi 700,000 yen to undergo a trepanning to see if it will unlock his sixth sense, and Nakoshi eventually agrees. However, much to his dismay and chagrin it actually succeeds, and now Nakoshi must contend with seeing homunculi, the metaphysical and symbolic representations of a person's psychological disorder. He now helps people, usually against his own will and often theirs as well, with resolving their psychological problems.

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Both Goto and Nakoshi are men who suddenly found themselves in their thirties without a meaning for what they have being doing with their lives until an important event that made them realize their mistaken attitude towards life. Both are unemployed and living an easylife at the moment while researching for their motto and comparing their current life with their previous.

Revolving in a psychological thriller, these two manga talk too about the personality disorders related to undertaking plastic surgery and how can money influence in peoples lives.

MPD Psycho

MPD Psycho

Amamiya Kazuhiko is a detective who, after seeing the torture and subsequent death of his girlfriend, tracks down the man responsible for her death. Upon meeting the killer, Amamiya's psyche breaks and a new personality, the cold-blooded, arrogant psychopath Shinji appears and kills the murderer. More personalities materialize from Amamiya as he tries to investigate a string of murders years later. As he investigates, an intricate conspiracy plot begins to tangle up both Amamyia and Shinji as well as those around them.

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although they are diffent genres of Manga they have in commen that they're both very dark mystories that don't pull any punches while sending the reader down a pycological spiral.