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Nozomi x Kimio

Nozomi x Kimio Cover Image
  • Vol: 3+; Ch: 19+
  • 2011 - ?
3.452 out of 5 from 135 votes
Rank #4,177


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Anime Relations

Anime Name Type Year Relation More Info
Nozo x Kimi OVA 2014 TBD
Name Role
Wakou HONNA Artist
Wakou HONNA Author

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Very interesting ... DarkPaladin 11 Apr 5, 2014
My Top 5 Manga Peteru 5 Apr 5, 2011
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Manga (Length wise) Anudevil13 1 Mar 6, 14
RandomlyAwesome is reading Nozomi x Kimio at 3 of ? volumes
RandomlyAwesome stalled Nozomi x Kimio at 3 of ? volumes
HateSomebody is reading Nozomi x Kimio manga at 15 of ? chapters
Gosick rated the Nozomi x Kimio manga 4.5/5 stars
siicarius is reading Nozomi x Kimio at 3 of ? volumes

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Nozoki Ana

Nozoki Ana

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Same Author, Same Fetish, Same blackmailing girl

Enough reason to read other if u liked one, only difference is Adult content in two series NxK being in highschool has echii content while NA being in college has lot of sex scenes and other adultery making it borderline Hentai.

Story and character wise,both are almost same with main characters resembling each other in even looks