Nokemono to Hanayome

Alt title: The Outcast and His Bride


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  • Nokemono to Hanayome
  • Mushishi
  • Nodame Cantabile
  • Lovely Complex
  • Dahlia no Obi

Manga I own in 日本語 by badfanfic

I also have: The Road to Rome (Hagio Moto), Flower Festival (Hagio Moto), Bar Bara Ikai (Hagio Moto), Alois (Hagio Moto), Diet (Ooshima Yumiko), Yo-u-sei-Ou (Ryoko Yamagishi)

  • A, A'
  • A Drunken Dream and Other Stories
  • All My Darling Daughters
  • Apollo's Song
  • Ax: A Collection of Alternative Manga

Manga that I own by AirCommodore

For a couple of these manga, I don't own the entire series. This is usually because only the first few volumes were released in English (due to poor sales or whatever).