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Nobunaga no Chef

Nobunaga no Chef Cover Image
4.267 out of 5 from 28 votes
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Name Role
Takurou KAJIKAWA Artist
Mitsuru NISHIMURA Author

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Both manga focus on cooking as main plot. Both have a badass chef that makes awesome dishes, though setting of story is quite different. Nobunaga is set in Sengoku war period of japan and SnS is set in present day world.

Nonetheless both have similartites - that is cooking and if u enjoyed one, ull enjoy other aswell


Both celebrate the delight and passion of cuisine and the artistry produced in the love of great food. Both Souma and Ken are great chefs capable of producing wonderous dishes from even the most simplistic of ingredients, to the amazement of their patrons.

The only difference is the time periods, with the focus of "Nobunaga" being more on the politics of the Eiroku-Genki eras of Japan.

Souma's visual style is very different to Nobunaga's, but they both share prominent evidence of their authors' passion and knowledge for food, making them both entertaining and informative.