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Nicoichi Cover Image
  • Vol: 10; Ch: 120
  • 2005
4.317 out of 5 from 17 votes
Rank #501


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Name Role
Renjuro KINDAICHI Artist
Renjuro KINDAICHI Author

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List Title Username Entries Date
Favourite manga purplepineapple 24 Sep 13, 2011
The gender-bender manga TOP Jet 8 Jan 14, 2011
jaioni is reading Nicoichi at 3 of 10 volumes
MelAshford is reading Nicoichi at 10 of 10 volumes
Axiswolfstar rated the Nicoichi manga 4/5 stars
Axiswolfstar is reading Nicoichi manga at 29 of 120 chapters
Axiswolfstar is reading Nicoichi manga at 19 of 120 chapters

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If you liked either of the mangas, you will like the other one for sure - both Nicoichi and Liar x Liar were created by the same mangaka. They feature similar atmosphere as in both stories the main character is hiding a big secret from their lover - in Nicoichi Makoto Suda hides the fact that he crossdresses in order to raise his son, and in Liar x Liar, Minato dresses as a high school girl just to educate her brother. Due to circumstances they cannot reveal it by any way. Not to mention the hilarious sequence of events that the main characters have to go through! If you are looking for a good read, Nicoichi and Liar x Liar will suit you.