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Vol: 9
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In the year 79 AD, the city of Pompeii was buried under volcanic ash, and two lovers, Sirix and Serena, were separated by death. Now, Sirix has been reincarnated into a high school student named Keiki. His current father was his biggest rival, his mother was his sister, and his classmate was his best friend; but what Keiki really wants is to reunite with his lover, Serena, once more. Thus he believes it’s fate when she moves in next door, but there’s a catch: she’s actually… a he?! To make matters worse, it appears his best-friend-turned-classmate is in love with Keiki, while his lover-turned-neighbor is in love with his classmate. With dreams of Pompeii in his sleep and love triangles abounding, will Keiki ever reunite with his beloved Serena?

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pichulovesme's avatar by pichulovesme on Jul 13, 2014
Score: 10/10

MY FAVORITE MANGA!!!! note: his names not Keiki, its Keidai!!!!!!!!!! This manga is a romantic comedy with lotsa feels and all that good stuff. Keidai is the only one he knows with memories of his past life in pompei. In his new life in japan as a student, he met the reincarnation of his old best friend who is now a girl?? also, a new neigbor, who happened to be his tragic past lover, now a guy?? over... read more


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