Vol: 2
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As the countries of the world continue to fight each other over seemingly trivial matters, the human race continues to experiment with solar and atomic bombs. For many years, the Nation of Star has conducted their nuclear research on the secluded Horseshoe Island and, as a result, the creatures living there have begun to rapidly evolve. One such species, known as the Fumoon, have recently emerged and are able to harness the power of gravity to send not just people but even warships flying! Though with the world at war, and a new race of creatures threatening the human race, Earth is in further peril as a dark gaseous cloud is rapidly heading for the planet and will extinguish all life when it arrives...

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cassiesheepgirl Dec 11, 2009
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Story: I have a confession. Despite thoroughly enjoying Metropolis and devouring any of the Black Jack anime that I can lay my grubby little hands on, I have never read any of Osamu Tezuka’s manga – that is until now. My first dip into the world of the ‘God of Manga’ is the two volume sci-fi story – Nextworld. Its plotline is rich with political and philosophical themes, from... read more

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Fumoon is a very loose anime adaptation of Nextworld, with far fewer characters, a different story focus and more distinct main characters.

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