Neon Genesis Evangelion: Angelic Days

Vol: 6
3.245 of 5 from 510 votes
Rank #6,506
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Shinji Ikari is a typical teenager who attends Tokyo High School. He has a fiery-tempered friend Asuka, who always makes sure he wakes up in time for school. One day, Shinji bumps into a girl he's never seen before, and she accuses him of looking up her skirt; her name is Rei, and she's a new transfer student at Tokyo High. Despite their awkward first meeting, Rei quickly develops feelings for Shinji, while Asuka quickly becomes jealous; thus their love triangle begins. But Shinji has other things on his mind, due to the strange dreams that have been plaguing him recently...


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lordsess18's avatar by lordsess18 on May 2, 2010
Score 10/10

   It's not often that fans of a particular series find any type of a spinoff of that series as charming, compelling, or absorbing. So, how much more rare to find all three in one of the most controversial and talked about anime of all-time! While die-hard proponents of Neon Genesis may take offense at Angelic Days I for one do not. In fact, It is quite refreshing to see one of the alternate universes... read more

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