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Oct 7, 2012

A Terrific Yet Horrific Read

Story: MW is known to be  Osamu Tezuka's darkest work he has ever written. This is the most complex crime work I've seen I can tell you, Knowing Tezuka isint a man known for plagiarizing it's safe to say that this work is quite original. I can confess that the only detective show I've seen is Monk so I wouldn't be familiar with the cliche's of the genre. The story is about  a priest named Father Garia who is caught up in a evil plan as a tool for his old friend Michio Yuki.  Father Garia feels that he will be a judas priest if he turns Yuki is since he is his father confessor so he can only watch Yuki manipulate his was to destruction. Osamu Tezuka even put himself into this manga as a minor character who says if someone in real life carries out the murders in the manga that he is not responsible,breaking the fourth wall.

Art:  The artwork is this book stands out a lot from others at this time period.  With even some surrealism that would  at a level of Htchcock's dream sequence.  

Characters:  The manga comes from the perspective of two characters depending how you read it, for good or for evil. On the good side is Father Garia who feels only he can stop Yuki but just sees him getting worse and worse, he tries to protect to protect the people he loves from him. Michio Yuki uses everyone as a tool to conquer what he wants, which is a chemical weapon known as the MW that he claims drove him insane 15 years before.

Overall:  This manga is said to have been an experiment for Tezuka to play around with a new manga genre called gekiga which is basically a genre to attract older audiences using violence and other serious crimes in society.  It plays out very nicely yet makes you think of the evils in our world.

7/10 story
8/10 art
6/10 characters
7/10 overall
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