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Alt titles: 17 O'Clocks

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3.676 out of 5 from 127 votes
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Mayu SAKAI Artist
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manga list 3+ YamiRin 2268 Feb 2, 2014
mangas' love blackdiamond 14 Jun 29, 2011
Favourite Manga List MiyukiChan 24 Jun 21, 2011
Catsy dropped Momo at 7 of 7 volumes
bekarowlandns2013 wants to read Momo
irinaharuka read Momo at 7 of 7 volumes
NocturneRose won't read Momo
timbertje2 read Momo at 7 of 7 volumes

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Kamisama Kiss

Kamisama Kiss
  • Vol: 17+; Ch: 110+
  • 2008 - ?

Nanami used to live in a ramshackle apartment with her father - a man who spent half his time gambling and the other half hiding from debt collectors - until one day the scoundrel ran away, leaving his daughter hungry and homeless. That is, until she meets a mysterious stranger in the park who deems her the new goddess of a local shrine! Unfortunately, Nanami’s new home is occupied by Tomoe, a fox familiar who objects to the presence of a mere mortal and immediately begins to bicker with the girl. If she can manage to form a contract with the troublesome man, he’ll be obligated to accept and help her perform her duties. But there’s a catch: Nanami has to kiss him first, and who’d want to lock lips with that awful guy?!

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Both stories start off basically the same.

The main girls (Nanami in Kamisama Hajimemashita and Yume in Momo) are also quite similar. They are both kindhearted girls who got abandoned by their irresponsible fathers but who don’t give up their hope and try to somehow get alone with their situation. They meet someone who changes their lives (Nanami meets Mikage and Yume meets Momo) and turns them from an ordinary girl into something extraordinary (Nanami into a land god and Yume into the earth’s representative). At the beginning they’re both a bit gullible about their new role and have to prove themselves to others who think that they’re not suited for the job or don’t fit the image. Through their new role they also meet some possible love interests.

In the end, I enjoyed both mangas and I had the same feeling while reading them even through there’re also many differences.

While Kamisama Hajimemashita has a lot of Japanese folklore in it, Momo has its very own version of devils which have little to do with the devils from the myths. But all in all I think that if you liked one, you should at least check out the other.