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Moe Kare!!

Moe Kare!! Cover Image
4.2 out of 5 from 609 votes
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Title Author Score Date
Moe Kare!! WillOfTheAbyss 10/10 Oct 4, 2012
Moe Kare!! MissWierdo13 10/10 Apr 17, 2012
Moe Kare!! MisakiUsagi 9.5/10 Jan 15, 2012
List Title Username Entries Date
manga list 3+ YamiRin 2267 Feb 2, 2014
Favorite Favorites (Manga) kristenmichella 7 Oct 18, 2013
My Favorite Manga kristenmichella 23 Oct 18, 2013
Post Name Username Comments Date
Moe Kare KriIce 0 Jun 16, 11
TsubakiYuki read Moe Kare!! at 7 of 7 volumes
aqualin read Moe Kare!! at 7 of 7 volumes
gorgophone rated the Moe Kare!! manga 3.5/5 stars
gorgophone rated the Moe Kare!! manga 4/5 stars
gorgophone is reading Moe Kare!!

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Kitchen Princess

Kitchen Princess

When Najika was a little girl, her parents died, and she nearly did as well until a boy saved her and gave her a flan so that she'd stop crying. Since then Najika has wanted to once more meet her ‘Flan Prince,' though all she has to go on is the silver spoon he left behind. Now a young lady, Najika is on her way to Tokyo to study at Seika Academy, the origin of the spoon and a prestigious cooking school. While there she'll hone her culinary skills, help transform a school eatery into something special and make new friends such as the brothers Daichi and Sora - but will she ever find her prince?

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Both Kitchen Princess and Moe Kare have a different yet same story line. Their stories are totally different but still have the same core plot line. In both stories you have two guys who look identical yet host two totally distinct personalities fall in love with the same girl. This therefor leaves the protagonist girl in a sort of a dilemma at times. Will the fall for the serious softer type or the more rebellious type?