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Mint na Bokura

Mint na Bokura Cover Image
  • Vol: 6; Ch: 16
  • 1997
3.405 out of 5 from 215 votes
Rank #4,295


Ever since they were born, the twins Maria and Noel have always been together at school and home. But when Maria falls in love with a boy and transfers to Morinomiya Junior High Boarding School without telling him, Noel is angered that another guy could come between them and decides to follow his sister and enroll at Morinomiya himself. However, there's a catch: with only one vacancy remaining, Noel will have to live life as a girl and stay in the female dorm! Now Noel is living as Maria's twin sister, much to her disgust and annoyance, and is making her life as difficult as possible. Between his friendship with the most popular sophomore in the basketball club and worrying about his roommate Miyu, will Noel still be able to achieve his goal and bring Maria back home?

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Wataru YOSHIZUMI Artist
Wataru YOSHIZUMI Author

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Title Author Score Date
Mint na Bokura kanamekakashi 5/10 Nov 18, 2010
List Title Username Entries Date
manga list 3+ YamiRin 2267 Feb 2, 2014
Favourite manga Higanzakura 20 Jun 5, 2011
Manga list Rawkstar92 24 Aug 2, 2009
amandin won't read Mint na Bokura
ichigodaisuki rated the Mint na Bokura manga 4/5 stars
ichigodaisuki read Mint na Bokura at 6 of 6 volumes
shadowds rated the Mint na Bokura manga 3/5 stars
shadowds read Mint na Bokura at 6 of 6 volumes

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I think that you'll like this manga as well since it's also gender bender, and has a lot of funny and fluffy moments as well. Also, both principal character are kind of similar (stubborn, and sometimes don't realise that they're posing as a girl/boy).


Hana-Kimi and Mint Na Bokura are two very funny gender bender mangas. Though Hana-Kimi is a bit more serious, and though the main Hana-Kimi's character is a girl and Mint Na Bokura's a boy, they're pretty similar.