Minamoto-kun Monogatari



TheDeathAngel2's avatar By TheDeathAngel2 on Jul 2, 2013

Minamoto-kun Monogatari is about a boy/ young man that has a fear of woman and is virtually kicked out of his home to live with his aunty, whom helps him overcome his fear of woman while being her guinea pig for a Hikari Genji project. He encounters many types of woman and details both characters thoughts on certain events.

I highly recommend everyone to read this.

10/10 story
9/10 art
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
Kaltos's avatar By Kaltos on Jan 19, 2014

So, I started reading Minamoto-kun Monogatari because I thought it might be a bit of an interesting romance, maybe with a little bit of comedy. 
Nope, just kidding. This manga is literary trash, a senseless manga that doesn't really make such sense save for the plot.
I have read all 110 chapters currently out for this zealous piece of waste...and it is terrible.

The outline is there is this kid Terumi Minamoto who has been kicked out of the house by his father because of the father's wife which is Minamoto's step mother...and so he moves in with his aunt, one really messed up woman who decides to use him as an experiment based on the book The Tales of Genji and have him fall in love with fourteen woman.

Doesn't sound bad, right? I thought it might be interesting, too.

Oh wait, here comes the PLOT! Cause apparently falling in love means getting in the pants of every single girl he's supposed to fall in love with, and somehow, each of them accepts it. My first thought is, oh, come on, he has to have some sort of STI by now. At Chapter 110, what is this, the 7th or 8th woman he's slept with? He has to have caught something.

It doesn't make sense either, why they fall in love with him.

But now onto the "plot". 

Story: 3/10

So, I already told you the synopsis, but this is really, really bad. I don't get the makings of this manga at all, and it doesn't make very much sense. It seems to skip whole plot lines and girls, and right after he gets into their pants he forgets about them and moves on right to the next series. What the hell about his cousin he groped in the movie theater? What about the girl with the daddy complex (who, so far, was my favorite girl in the series) whom he had sex with and left? He does this all the time, and the girls seemingly have low enough standards that they will fall head over heels for him after about two weeks or so and let him grope the skin off their backs.

It really doesn't make sense, and there are plenty of plot holes. This whole manga tries to focus too heavily on the "Plot" and doesn't really make much sense on the actual story side. Really disturbing as well, but this is it. It skips whole events and large amounts of time that always leaves me a little confused in order to move on to the girls, and we never get any real development (even though it's 110 chapters in) and never have any sense of the story, or why should we care.

Art: 8/10

Let's just end it with this: I can describe you the blow by blow of how Terumi has gotten into the pants of many girls, and it looks strangely beautiful. The art is well done...but not much else is.

Characters:  1/10

Literally, these characters make no sense. Oh, I can clearly tell this guy's ogling my chest and he just kissed me and we're in a relatively secluded movie theater...I'm just gonna sit here and see what happens. Yeah, because that works out well. Literally, that's some of the logic of these girls.
Oh wait, now we have the crazy aunt who's willing to allow him to feel her up to let him get into the pants of girls so she can understand her story...that isn't event that great to begin with. I looked at the tale of Genji Monogatari and it honestly is boring, so it doesn't make sense that this whole world would fall in love with it or whole classes would be dedicated to it.
So, not only is the premise or the whole carrying thread of the story incredibly flawed, how these characters react make no sense. Minamoto just accepts his aunt weird oddity with no sense of hesitation or very little, and he proceeds to want to grope girls forever. Sure, it did have some interesting aspects with what looked like the Oedipus Complex coming into play, but still, it's rather sad because that isn't built upon. So far, it has been slacked in favor of girl of the week and crazy aunt.

Great. Let's neglect an actual story.

Overall: 1/10

Minaoto-kun Monogatari would be an interesting look at the depravity of humanity and the true twisted nature of our pscyhology...if it made sense. But it doesn't. None of this really makes any sense, and the story tells itself badly. I'm quite sad that this was greeted for a manga.  

3/10 story
8/10 art
1/10 characters
2/10 overall