Millennium Snow

Alt title: Sennen no Yuki

Vol: 4; Ch: 17
3.857 of 5 from 994 votes
Rank #3,126
Millennium Snow

Chiyuki is a young girl with a terminal disease. Near death, she meets a vampire named Touya and blackmails him into spending time with her; however, he doesn't drink blood because if he took a blood partner the partner would die long before him and he doesn't want to get hurt. When Chiyuki is dying he saves her life by having her drink some of his blood, because he feels even being with her for a little longer will be enough. She returns to school and forces Touya to join her there, where they discover that one of their classmates is a werewolf who is ashamed of being a monster. Both of them slowly become closer to Chiyuki because of her warmth, her will to live, and her non-judgmental love which heals the wounds from their pasts.

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ffbfran Oct 14, 2014
Score 10/10

I love Millennium Snow, love it. The vampire makes me want to give him a hug, the werewolf makes me...well starting out I want to smack his womanizing butt, then I want to hug him and he gets a bit stupid so later I want to throw a stick for him to fetch so I can laugh. But all the characters are great. The bat provides great comedic relief taking the side of everyone except his vampiric master who seems tough... read more



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