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Midori Days

Midori Days Cover Image
  • Vol: 8; Ch: 85
  • 2003
4.119 out of 5 from 675 votes
Rank #1,154


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Main Characters

Midori KASUGANO image Midori KASUGANO


heart unheart
Seiji SAWAMURA image Seiji SAWAMURA heart unheart

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Secondary Characters

Kouta SHINGYOJI image Kouta SHINGYOJI heart unheart
Osamu MIYAHARA image Osamu MIYAHARA heart unheart
Rin SAWAMURA image Rin SAWAMURA heart unheart
Shiori TSUKISHIMA image Shiori TSUKISHIMA heart unheart
Takako AYASE image Takako AYASE heart unheart

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Minor Characters

Shuichi TAKAMIZAWA image Shuichi TAKAMIZAWA heart unheart