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Mercenary Pierre

Alt titles: Youhei Pierre

Mercenary Pierre Cover Image
2.569 out of 5 from 36 votes
Rank #7,171


The year is 1429 and the Hundred Years' War has continued for nearly a century with no end in sight. Pierre, a bastard in both lineage and temperament, is the leader of the Unicorns of Anju, a band of mercenaries who fight solely for coin and who are not above pillaging and raping villages in search of it. They believe that the foolish fight for justice and ideals, for such empty things leave the stomach equally empty. Drifting from battlefield to battlefield, the Unicorns of Anju find themselves in the employ of La Hire, who is in the service of Jeanne D'arc. She enraptures Pierre; but he, ever the mercenary, coerces a promise from her. Under the guidance of Jeanne D'arc, the tide of war begins to shift in France's favor. Nevertheless, how long will she be able to withstand the burden of the hopes and dreams of an entire country?

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Name Role
Takashi NOGUCHI Artist
Kenichi SATOU Author

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Favorite Manga olvios 7 Nov 8, 2009
Lindheart is reading Mercenary Pierre
Haar stalled Mercenary Pierre at 4 of 4 volumes
jimance rated the Mercenary Pierre manga 2.5/5 stars
jimance read Mercenary Pierre at 4 of 4 volumes
jimance is reading Mercenary Pierre manga at 3 of 4 volumes

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