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Maria Holic

Maria Holic Cover Image
  • Vol: 11+; Ch: 67+
  • 2006 - ?
3.504 out of 5 from 223 votes
Rank #3,959


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Main Characters

Kanako MIYAMAE image Kanako MIYAMAE heart unheart
Mariya SHIDOU image Mariya SHIDOU heart unheart

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Secondary Characters

Ayari SHIKI image Ayari SHIKI heart unheart
Dorm Mistress image Dorm Mistress heart unheart
Matsurika SHINOUJI image Matsurika SHINOUJI heart unheart
Nanami KIRI image Nanami KIRI heart unheart
Ryuken ISHIMA image Ryuken ISHIMA heart unheart
Sachi MOMOI image Sachi MOMOI heart unheart
Touichirou KANAE image Touichirou KANAE


heart unheart
Yuzuru INAMORI image Yuzuru INAMORI heart unheart