Vol: 3; Ch: 29
3.722 of 5 from 276 votes
Rank #4,004

A gruesome, disfigured, naked man climbs from beneath a manhole and wanders the streets briefly before vomiting blood and falling down dead. Detectives Nao and Ken are sent to investigate the case, but what they uncover is far more horrifying than they could possibly have imagined. What could have been a simple parasitic infection could have widespread, deadly consequences, and it's up to the duo to discover the truth behind these events...

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flyingtarantulas Sep 14, 2011
Score 9.8/10

Manhole is what happens when you mix detective stories, Japanese virus flicks, and disturbing imagery. It opens fairly dark, bleak, and weird. The story flows nicely, and doesn't hit any snags along the ways. Pretty soon after the opening, everything goes absolutely nuts, but not so much as to where you cannot understand a single thing. The art design isn't bad. On the level of gore, it has appropriately enough... read more



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