Magical Pokemon Journey

Alt title: Pocket Monster PiPiPi Adventure

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Angelic Layer

Angelic Layer

Misaki Suzuhara is a young girl who traveled to Tokyo to live with a relative, but ended up becoming involved in the greatest game of all time: Angelic Layer! In this fast-paced competition, players customize dolls and fight them in arenas of all sizes, hoping to gain experience and perhaps win the greatest tournament of them all! With new friends to meet and new enemies to defeat, the best time of Misaki's life seems to be just beginning. Join Misaki as she struggles to be the best, even in the face of overwhelming odds.

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wolfangel87 wolfangel87 says...

Dolls verse animals, still the same concept is seen in Angelic Layer and Pokemon.  Children are sent to battle each other in tournaments making for family friendly comedies inspiring friendship and reaching your goals.