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Custom Lists

The Classicsby NickKnight

Manga/LN that are based on or inspired by Classic Literature Novels or simply feature Historical characters (fictional or not).

Shounen Mangaby saphirablue

Best shounen manga that I've read. List in no particular order.

Manga I think you should readby TaterHater

I love manga, I pretty much read all day so I thought I would make a list about my favourites..... They don't have all my favourites so it's going to be pretty short though...

My Favourite Manga/Light Novels (So Far)by Theotakusyko

Just a list of my favourite manga so far haven't read a lot of them but just a decent amount of them. There are some that I am currently reading and some that are being stalled couple series that I'm catching or some that I have catch up to when...

MTRby Mahooy111

Manga to read