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Magi Cover Image
  • Vol: 20+; Ch: 222+
  • 2009 - ?
4.387 out of 5 from 662 votes
Rank #313


In a sand-swept land of caravans, brigands and adventurers, legends tell of the ominous dungeon towers that suddenly appeared 14 years ago. It's said that by clearing one of these prisons, you can obtain treasure beyond your wildest dreams, and even form a contract with magical genies of immense power - assuming you make it out alive. In this world, Alibaba is a young rogue who wants nothing more than to get rich by clearing all of the world's dungeons, starting with the nearby tower Amon; Aladdin is a curious young boy with a magical flute and a hidden ability; and Morgiana is a slave who can't escape her chains. As their fates intertwine, the three find themselves wandering the land, battling powerful enemies, and taking a stand against powerful forces that seek to corrupt the weak and innocent.

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Manga Relations

Manga Name Year Relation Type More Info
Magi - Sinbad no Bouken (Prototype) 2013 TBD
Magi - Sinbad no Bouken 2013 TBD

Anime Relations

Anime Name Type Year Relation More Info
Magi TV 2012 Anime Adaptation
Magi: The Kingdom of Magic TV 2013 TBD
Magi: Sinbad no Bouken OVA 2014 TBD
Name Role
Shinobu OHTAKA Artist
Shinobu OHTAKA Author

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Both stories are about seemingly young boys with amazing abilities far beyond those of mortal men, who wander about on a quest for something they once lost. Additionally, the settings of both are very much the same. Both manga are set in desert wastelands, populated by small villages & tribes.