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Lovely Everywhere

Lovely Everywhere Cover Image
  • Vol: 3; Ch: 16
  • 2009
4.216 out of 5 from 31 votes
Rank #815


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Ke Li Artist
Ke Li Author

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My Top Favs. ikutosviolinlover 64 May 28, 2013
CatLover9 rated the Lovely Everywhere manga 2/5 stars
CatLover9 read Lovely Everywhere at 3 of 3 volumes
SVPPKILLER rated the Lovely Everywhere manga 5/5 stars
SVPPKILLER read Lovely Everywhere at 3 of 3 volumes
ashza wants to read Lovely Everywhere

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At the beggining of Lovely Everywhere the heroine loses her romantic shoujo manga and the male lead finds it. When he takes a look inside he sees scenes of horror that are not really there. But if you thoght that his vision of that shoujo manga is interesting, then you ought to read Koharu no Hibi (the s*** is serious there).