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Loveless Cover Image
  • Vol: 11+; Ch: 117+
  • 2002 - ?
4.001 out of 5 from 1,333 votes
Rank #1,669


Ritsuka Aoyagi's psyche is in dire straits; his mother is insane, his brother Seimei has been killed, and over the past few years he's seemed to become a different person. When the enigmatic Soubi Agatsuma arrives, claiming to have information about Seimei's death, Ritsuka is determined to uncover the truth. Soon, however, he is caught up in a web of darkness and spell battles, all the while searching for the reason behind his own personality change. Wary and defensive, Ritsuka is unnerved by his relationship with Soubi, as well as the tentative friendships offered to him by his classmates. But the world of spell battles, fighter units and sacrifices is an ugly place; and Ritsuka, in the middle of it all, finds himself having to choose who to trust.

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Manga Relations

Manga Name Year Relation Type More Info
Loveless: Ephemeral Bonds (Light Novel) 2008 TBD

Anime Relations

Anime Name Type Year Relation More Info
Loveless TV 2005 Anime Adaptation
Loveless Specials DVD Special 2005 Same Franchise
Name Role
Yun KOUGA Artist
Yun KOUGA Author

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Title Author Score Date
Loveless NekoKriszty 10/10 Mar 19, 2010
List Title Username Entries Date
That yaoi tho <3 MewMewJazzy 3 Jun 24, 2014
Physically Own - Mangas Kazaarkat 50 Jan 10, 2014
favorite manga attendezlacreme 5 Nov 4, 2013
Post Name Username Comments Date
OneManga is about to Vanish! LovelyWickedDescet 1 Jul 23, 10
rescued is reading Loveless manga at 3 of ? chapters
markoftheblackrose rated the Loveless manga 4.5/5 stars
markoftheblackrose rated the Loveless manga 5/5 stars
markoftheblackrose is reading Loveless manga at 11 of ? volumes
markoftheblackrose is reading Loveless

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Silver Diamond

Silver Diamond

Rakan is the only surviving member of his family, so he lives alone with only a flourishing garden to keep him company. One day, a mysterious man falls into Rakan's garden and tries to kill him, but instead of getting angry Rakan feeds the man, gives him hot food, and offers him a place to stay. As more people mysteriously follow suit Rakan discovers that he looks just like the evil prince of a different world - a man who is exiling unwanted people out of his territory. With the help of this band of misfits - a monster, a man who should have been a woman, a snake that can turn into a sword and a number child - Rakan sets forth to set things right and bring green back to the desert of his new friends' world.


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Loveless and Silver Diamond don't have much in common when it comes to style or premise. However, the main characters are remarkably similar.

Ritsuka and Rakan are both unsure of themselves and their place in their wolrds, but they are both unrelentingly stubborn when it comes to their morals and beliefs. Soubi and Chibusa are alike in that they are both exceedingly ruthless and yet at the same time seem absolutely child-like and innocent. The dynamic between the two sets of male leads is also very much alike-- both Ritsuka & Soubi and Rakan & Chibusa have to depend upon one another in order to fight and accomplish their goals.

If you like unorthodox fantasies and you like BL, both of these are great reads for you.

Sougiya Riddle

Sougiya Riddle


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so many similarities

a boy encounters a mysterious man. they fight in couples and  fight supernatural fights. mysteries in past that cannot or are not wished to be revealed. and the art in both are so beautiful. 

Undertaker Riddle have a bit less action than Loveless and covers the emotional stuff more, yet there ARE battles.and loveless' mysteries are so many and really complicated.

I'd say S.R. is more of emotion & Loveless is more of mystery.