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Unlicensed [in English]by glassblower45

Good, great, and awesome titles I like that are not licensed for English publications currently. I came across and read these titles thanks to fan-translations uploaded online, called scantilations. Kind of like a wish-list for titles I would love...

Best Couples (manga)by GoldenAmethyst

Some of the cutest couples in manga

Manhwa Readsby glassblower45

Japan isn't the only source for comics from the East. Enjoy these titles from Korea: Manhwa!

Some Gang Related Shoujo Mangaby GoldenAmethyst

Firstly, this list will be a work in progress. Secondly, this list is composed of the gang related manga's that I have read or am reading currently, just as the name suggests. But the reason I cam composing this list is to provide those who like...

Favourite Long Mangasby AlexaSN

This is a list of my favourite long mangas, where Im going to list a big range of manga that has captured my hard while reading it. Since this is a list of my favorite manga, my reasons are very flatering and may seem repetitive Also the order...

Silver Listby yonex96

awesome mangas that i really loved :) they're all really great, 5 star mangas, i recommend all of them! xD