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Love in Hell

Alt titles: Jigokuren - Love in the Hell

Love in Hell Cover Image
4.016 out of 5 from 118 votes
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Reiji SUZUMARU Artist
Reiji SUZUMARU Author

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Title Author Score Date
Love in Hell Thrawn 9/10 Aug 16, 2013
Jigokuren - Love in the Hell Thrawn 9/10 Aug 16, 2013
List Title Username Entries Date
must reads XshinobiX351 28 Feb 22, 2013
Nusakan rated the Love in Hell manga 4/5 stars
Nusakan read Love in Hell at 3 of 3 volumes
cowdouble rated the Love in Hell manga 4/5 stars
cowdouble is reading Love in Hell
dawnis is reading Love in Hell

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  • Vol: 18+; Ch: 125+
  • 2001 - ?

The city of Hole is a desolate town where magic users go to test their powers by disfiguring or killing its people. After being cursed by a sorceror, Kaiman was left with the body of a man and the head of a lizard. Determined to break the spell over him, Kaiman works with his companion, Nikaido, to search for the one who made him this way. Unfortunately, with no memory as to his assailant’s identity there’s only one way for him to locate them: he must bite the head of any magic user he meets so that the man hidden inside him can determine if they are the culprit. As he bites, slashes and kills his way through the cruel magic users, will Kaiman be able to find out who the man in his mouth is, where the one he hunts is hiding and return to normal, while keeping the revengeful magic users at bay?

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Both series take place (at least partially) in hell and are extremely disturbing (over the top gore and grotesque is only a part of the reason for that). While it is a little bit too much for me, fans of one of the series would probably be able to stomach the other one.