Love Hina

Vol: 14; Ch: 118
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Urashima Keitarou is a loser. He's failed the Tokyo University entrance exams two years in a row, and his parents have finally kicked him out of the house. Penniless and destitute, he travels to his grandmother Hinata's inn, hoping she'll put him up until he can get into Tokyo U and fulfill his promise with his childhood sweetheart (whose face he can't even remember). Unfortunately - or perhaps fortunately - it turns out that the inn is no longer an inn...  it's an all-girls dormitory, as he discovers in his typical blundering fashion by grabbing an eyeful and more of every girl in the place!  Narusegawa Naru, a fiery-tempered high school student and the first victim of Keitarou's lewd bungling, wastes no time doling out brutal punishment and preparing to kick him back out to the street.  But wait!  A letter has come from grandma Hinata, and Keitarou is to be the dorm's new live-in manager!  Is this a blessing from heaven, or has he been cursed to a living hell?

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ChocoboBorn's avatar by ChocoboBorn on Jan 26, 2012
Score 9/10

Love Hina is your standard harem story. 1 Boy, a lot of girls. But what sets Love Hina apart from the rest is that instead of the girls trying to hook up with the main character, the girls in Love Hina are trying to get rid of him! Add in falling vans, unusually large turtles, anchient civilizations, a girl with a fetish for watermelons, hotsprings, demon... read more

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