Alt title: Lovely Complex

Vol: 17; Ch: 62
4.436 of 5 from 1,461 votes
Rank #190

Koizumi Risa is very tall, and Otani Atsushi is very short; thrust together into the same class in high school, they rapidly develop a natural conflict, constantly picking at each other in a friendly way to the great amusement of teachers and classmates. Yet as time goes by, they both realize that what they feel for each other isn't friendly rivalry, but love. How will they overcome the difficulties that this new relationship poses, without losing their friendship?

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yasmin09 Oct 16, 2010
Score 8.5/10

Story: This manga revolves around the relationship between a tall girl and short guy and how they're constantly picked on because of their height difference. Honestly, this completely changed my stance on not having a relationship with a guy who's shorter than me. Plenty of females, including myself at one point, would never dream of dating a guy who's shorter. That would be so unattractive, not romantic... read more

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ffbfran Apr 5, 2016
Score 8/10

quirky is the one word you can use to describe this. the characters are weird, in a good way, but weird nonetheless. it isnt a stereotypical. its comedic and makes you laugh. the characters dont get along well which seems horrible for a romantic comedy but i guess its a great example of the opposites attract and love/hate thing. read more

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