griffioen's avatar By on Apr 28, 2012

Hiyama wants to get rid of the weaknesses in humans, when one day a hypnotist gives an demonstration, he sees his chances and learns to use hypnosis, what follows is his path towards his goal of getting rid of the weaknesses in mankind. 

If you came here trying to decide if this manga was something for you, then picture the following in your mind, take yamagami light van death note with his goals, now add lelouch's(code geass) manipulation of people with a strange power to that and you have kind of what this manga is  all about. So we can't really call this manga unique because it just takes aspect from two popular series and adds them together making a story around it. The nonsence above was the objective part of my review so now i will go to the subjective part.

In general I don't care if something is a ripoff or not, the most important thing for me is that I enjoyed the story. I really enjoyed this story, I always am intrigued by stories where people use their power to control others or where masterminds face off against each other. *spoiler alert, skip to next paragraph* The only thing I can't stand is that in the end the protagonist loses. As also happens in this manga, Hiyama thought up a perfect plan and in the end the one he faces of finds some fatal flaw and then he loses. For some reason I will associate the protagonist with myself as if I lived there and as if i was him. And because I can't stand to lose I always hate it if the protagonist loses.

The art is nothing special, it is not bad, but not good either, however the protagonist is very awesome, that is why I gave the characters a 9. of course as I mentioned above he is a ripoff from popular series, however that does not decrease me enjoying it. Another thing that adds up is that I recently did some research about manipulating people (before I found out about this manga) and there were some things I recognized that do work in the real world, for instance giving someone a shocking experience makes them more susceptical to manipulation etcetera. 

Overall I will give this manga serie a 8, this mark is based on my  subjective opinion about the manga, the main reasons for this was that after ordering a pizza and having some alcohol, my evening was perfect, then I set out to find a good manga and I got one with not too many chapters that I could read before I went to sleep. I really enjoyed reading the manga and the fact that it uses ideas from other popular series did not decrease the joy I got from reading it.

8/10 story
7/10 art
9/10 characters
8/10 overall