Let's Lagoon

Vol: 3+; Ch: 29+
3.702 out of 5 from 283 votes
Rank #3,237
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A boy awakens on a desert island, unable to remember how he got there. He found the remains of a lifeboat with a few days’ worth of food, a survival kit, clothes and a trip schedule. Luckily, he soon discovers that one of his classmates, Chika, also is on the island. Together, the two catch fish, build a raft and try their best to survive and wait for help – not to mention try to remember how they came to be on the island.


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JtkBasketball's avatar by JtkBasketball on Apr 9, 2013
Score: 8.5/10

Let's Lagoon starts off on an unknown, uncharted island. This simple concept starts off the manga, but as it progresses it turns into a very unique mystery/adventure. The manga has a few genres that it covers.  Survival: The manga has survival aspects, but not too much detail. Just some basic food, water, and fire stuff. Ecchi: Ecchi usually takes away from a manga, but I feel like it is used fairly... read more


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