Legal Drug

Alt title: Gohou Drug

Vol: 3; Ch: 18
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Rank #3,455
Legal Drug

Kazahaya Kudo and Rikuo Himura are two teenagers who work for the ‘Green Drug Store,' and also rent an apartment above the store. Rikuou rescued Kazahaya from freezing to death on the streets during the winter, and although Kazahaya is grateful to Rikuo for this, the two can't seem to get along. The mysterious Kakei owns the store and Kazahaya often has to put up with the constant teasing of Kakei's friend Saiga. The strangest thing about Kazahaya's job is that he and Rikuo are often sent on "extra jobs" by Kakei, which are different and more bizarre each time. But because he needs the money to avoid ending up on the streets again, Kazahaya never refuses any job offered to him no matter what strange situation he may find himself in. Just what secrets do each of these four men hide, and why is Kazahaya so reluctant to return home?

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modicumcat Dec 4, 2015
Score 8.5/10

I just read the entire series in one sitting, and can't wait to start Drug & Drop. Legal Drug wasn't the best series I ever read, but I'm very glad I picked it up. It has good characters and a lot of mystery surrounding their backstories. I was very iffy about it at first, I thought it was going to be about drugs, with the leaf on the front cover and all, but the whole series is set out of an actual drug... read more

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